Q: Can you help us with the new provisions of the ACA? Are we going to have to pay fees?

A: I quick interview with us at your office and you will feel confident that you are in compliance or you will know what you need to change to get there. We will also have suggestions on how to design your plans more effectively.

Q: If my premiums go up on renewal and I cannot afford them can you help me?

A: Yes. We can help you design a plan just like the one you can no longer afford and it will be affordable. It should be roughly 30% less than you are paying now.

Q: Should I give up my small group health plan and let my employees go to the exchange to buy it themselves?

A: Not unless you want them to pay more than they are paying now. Some may pay less but the employees under ACA regulations can longer receive your payments for health insurance reimbursement tax free. They will have to pay tax on the cost.

Q: Can you really save us 30% year in and year out?

A: Here are two letters of reference from long time clients who have benefited from our advice. Let’s see what they have to say.

Q: I have heard of a 105 Plan. Does it really work? Will it really save my company 30% year in and year out?

A: See reference letters attached above.